It has now been over a year and I'm still awaiting promised payment. After 8 months of repair attempts, They told me to find a repair company on my own and I would be reimbursed.

This was in March of 2012. Meanwhile I did loose a very patient renter during the 8 month attempt to perform repairs due solely to out of order kitchen. It has been a year since my initial request to be reimbursed. First they attempted to pay out part of the cost.

Then they escalated the case from person to person for many months. Then They issued a check (claimed)... it never arrived. Then they said they would get it approved and sent.

Still no check. After 34 logged calls and 65 pages of attempted communication Mrs. Kim Stanz who has been handling the case for past 6 months has promised me the check since last November.

My time and the many months of lost rent is worth far more than this repair cost that they're obligated to pay per contract terms.

This is why I got a home warranty. And was sold on the logical claim by SHW that any appliance failure would be repaired promptly and on failed repair attempts it would be replaced. I've given SHW more than a reasonable amount of time to perform on the very fabric of their core business. Its not often that I complain about a business but they've truly failed and they should not be allowed to defraud people so easily.

The complaint forums is filled with similar stories. I believe that they've made it a policy to prolong due payments for months, and years in my case until the client gives up. There must be hundreds you never hear about.

Imagine building a fake insurance company, collect premiums and never payout... you'd make a fortune.

Monetary Loss: $921.

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Sacramento, California, United States #701440

8/17/13 : I was dealing with the same "Kim Stanz". I have read the comments about this company and as another ripped off customer all I can say is, "It happened to me too".

I noticed there are a couple of websites that post glowing reviews about SHW. Undoubtedly, these websites are posting fake reviews.

The BBB gives this company an F rating. Sign me up for the lawsuit !

Kansas City, Kansas, United States #678201


If you are interested in being added to a distribution list in order to get a class action suit started, please email me at lefinfamily@kc.rr.com.



Kansas City, Kansas, United States #678180

Hi, I and another pissed off SHW consumer are gathering names in order to start a class action suit. If you are interested in joining, please email me at lefinfamily@kc.rr.com.



Los Angeles, California, United States #634573

Go through the Better Business Bureau to get results! This was the ONLY way I got a response and actually got some $$ reimbursement! Use the names of the sales director and principal to get some action through the BBB.

Also go online to find the Department of Consumer Affairs in your area and fill out a complaint. It may take some time for them to get back to you, but they take it very seriously.


Agree totally. My circumstance with them very very similar.

Filed complaint with BBB. Unresolved still.

I keep after them though.... It is now a matter of principle, not the money.

to B Baltimore, Maryland, United States #632419

Same thing with me. I have been waiting for check since Aug 2012.

call them every month and send emails to Ms.Stanz who assures that check will be mailed but still waiting.... I was thinking to take them to court.

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