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After numerous attempts to contact customer service or via emails and telephone and receiving no return emails or calls, I emailed and sent certified mail to the following in an attempt to get some answers or even just a response:

Harrison Gindi, Principal,

Jared M'. Bodner, Customer Contact/National Sales Director

Elliot Dabah, Managing Member

No Answers!

I had to go through the Better Business Bureau in Nevada, before anyone would answer. Even then, the person I emailed with would never give me their name or title with Sensible Home Warranty. I guess they were too embarrassed.

I was able to get a partial reimbursement from Sensible Home Warranty, but only after going through the Better Business Bureau with a lot of emails. The SH Warranty representative kept stalling and trying to put-me-off in an effort to further frustrate me, but being persistent paid off in a small way finally.

This company is bad news and I have no doubt they are crooked to the core. They take your money, they may get you service for a while, but eventually the vendors get wise to them and refuse to do any more service. SHW will probably suck everything it can and then close only to reopen under a new name.

Keep the names of:

Harrison Gindi, Principal,

Jared M'. Bodner, Customer Contact/National Sales Director

Elliot Dabah, Managing Member

in your list of crooks, because I'm sure they will try new scams in the future.

Original review posted by user Apr 08, 2013

No respectable home warranty company will tell you to find your own service company, pay them and then wait to get reimbursed. For Sensible Home Warranty, this is a standard operating procedure. Do you know WHY? It's because they don't pay their vendors so they continually have to find different vendors to do the work. On top of this, they seldom reimburse you. If you want results do the following...

Go online to find the Department of Consumer Affairs in your area and fill out a complaint. It may take some time for them to get back to you, but they take it very seriously.

They were very thorough and said NO home warranty company should ask you to get your own service done or pay for it yourself and wait for a reimbursement. It's just not professional. It's a RED FLAG.

While waiting for Dept of Consumer Affairs, go through the Better Business Bureau to get results! This was the ONLY way I got a response and actually got some $$ reimbursement! (YES, I did finally get some money back!!!) Use the names of the sales director and principal (see below) to get some action.

Harrison Gindi, Principal,

Jared M. Bodner, Customer Contact/National Sales Director

Elliot Dabah, Managing Member

Addresses are:

1724 E 12th St

Brooklyn NY 11229

1344 Disc Drive Suite 221

Sparks NV 89436 (this is a PO Box according the LA Dept of Consumer Affairs)

These guys should be writing reimbursement checks from a jail cell.

Good luck.

Monetary Loss: $925.

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Simon Cone is not to be trusted. He will not return emails or calls. I call for a class action lawsuit!


Yes, the principals of Sensible Home Warranty DO belong in prison.I'm sure they are well on their way.

Their real addresses are: 1645 Village Center Circle, Suite 170, Las Vegas 89134 and 92 Saint Marks PL Apt 21, Staten Island, NY 10301

Check out Elliot Dabah at twitter@Elliot_Dabah and and

Oh yes, Mr.Dabah is a "real professional" (lol) and check out Albert Gindi on

to keystotruth #814871

Hi this is Elliot Dabah, not the Elliot Dabah you are looking for but i am the one who is linked to those Facebook and twitter are posting links to my pages for no reason so can you please remove?

i am in no way related to the topic that is being discussed on this feed.



I'm a plumber, and i did a couple of jobs for sensible home warranty, if they contact you about doing work for them run the other direction, they are a lousy company, its been over 90 days i have not received a check for the work i done, and the customers that they asked me to take care of complained how it took forever for someone to come over

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