I've contacted the company 3 times in 2 weeks and have yet to hear from a contractor to fix my dishwasher. This is *** poor service for the amount of money I've just laid out for this warranty plan.

I put in a claim in April from emergency work where I called the contractor myself and paid for the work out of pock, and is still waiting on reimbursement from the warranty company and processing of the second claim I submitted on the same day. I've waited the required 4-6 business weeks and still no reimbursement and no valid reason why reimbursement has not been made.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I actually renewed my warranty because I had no issues like this in the past. I'm guessing processes/management has changed (for the worst, of course) because I will surely not be using them again. Each time I have called to check on reimbursement, the only answer I get is that it's in process. REALLY?? You can't ever speak to a supervisor to try to get a straight answer about the claim and don't even think of getting a number for billing to check on your claim. Since the required 6 business weeks was passed, I was told to send an email to their billing department. I did so and still have not hear back from anyone. Very, very frustrated with this company. I will never use their services again!!! If you know what's best just based on my experience alone, you won't either.

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